Fearless - Tawny Weber

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Gia Renyard wants a sexual fantasy weekend with her hot coworker, Luke Monroe, so her friends help her plan how to make it happen. When he’s in Vegas for a convention she shows up in disguise as Vanna and seduces him into her bed. But will reality live up to fantasy?


The sex is hot, but the rest of the story is lukewarm. Neither Gia or Luke impressed me. I really didn’t care about either one of them. It may have been because the story was short, but golden boy Luke and geeky Gia just didn’t strike the right notes with me. Plus, their hot sex in Vegas confused me. How long were they in the hotel room? Just one night? They sure went at it like crazy for such a short time. And if they were there longer (like that night, the next day and night) and Luke was supposed to be at a convention talking up the products why didn’t anyone report him missing? So, if it’s just the one short night, Gia & Luke realize they’re head over heels in love in just a few short hours. They had time for all that sweaty sex AND hours of serious talking. Sorry, it just bugs the crap outta me. I had a hard time with the timeline. Anyway, not badly written, just not my thing.

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