The Film Student and Me - Julie Hilden

*Book source ~ NetGalley


Rebecca Moore finds out her husband is cheating on her. She thought she had a happy marriage. Maybe not exactly exciting, but at least satisfying. Now, she discovers it’s all a lie. Her husband is banging a much younger co-worker and Rebecca has to decide what she’s going to do. Above all, she must think of their twin ten-yr-old daughters. So, instead of confronting her husband or filing for divorce she eventually decides that what’s good for the goose is good for the gander and sets about looking for a younger man to diddle with. Meeting grad student Jared changes her life in ways she never even dreamed.


Talk about getting even and in a big way. Wowzers! Rebecca meets Jared and while I didn’t particularly like him (too arrogant and dominant for my tastes), he was interesting and dark. And he showed Rebecca things she never would have learned if her husband hadn’t been such a twatwaffle. Make no mistake, this is not a sweet romance nor does it have a HEA. However, it is a great story about discovery, pushing limits and learning that one is never too old to learn about oneself.