Seeing Evil - Jason  Parent

*Book source ~ A review copy was provided in exchange for an honest review.


Detective Samantha “Sam” Reilly has taken a special interest in Michael Turcotte for 11 years, ever since she investigated the murder-suicide of his parents when he was three and he was found at the scene. In the topsy turvy revolving door of foster families, Sam is the one constant in his life. He counts on her to always tell him the truth and she tries to help him whenever she can. When some school bullies trigger an ability to see how people will die, no one believes him. Not even Sam. However, when his vision comes true, Sam reassesses the situation and enlists his help to see if it was a one off or something that’s here to stay. In the meantime, when desperate classmate Tessa Masterson asks Michael to look into her future he’s shocked by what he sees. He has no idea that one touch will change his, Tessa’s and Sam’s lives. Michael can see how a person dies, but can he change that future?


Holy shit, the feels are strong in this story! Acknowledging that this book is suspense with a paranormal slant is one thing, but knowing that there are people out there that actually do this kind of shit to others wrings the heart to a pulpy mess. Jason Parent tortures us right alongside his characters. The world building is excellent and very real. The characters are so lifelike you just want to wrap them in a warm fuzzy blanket, hug the shit outta them and tell them it’s going to be ok even if it’s obviously a lie. Monsters are real and they aren’t supernatural in this world. The villain of this tale is shudder-worthy. Seriously. Yeeeeee! And while I like Michael and Tessa, I think my favorite character is Sam. The no-nonsense detective who has a soft spot for a toddler she rescued from a bad scene. And the message that Michael provides at the end? It’s something I firmly believe. While this book has very definite closure, I wouldn’t mind seeing a sequel in the future.