Bear's Gold - Yvette Hines


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With an ex-boyfriend stalking her Riley Gold decides to take off and head back to her home town. Always restless, always searching for an elusive something, she doesn’t want to head back to her family, but feels she has no choice. When her tire blows out and she hits a tree she rethinks her idea to take the scenic route. Now she’s stuck in Den County with no cell service and no hotel. Luckily Theo Kodiak offers his spare bedroom while her car is repaired, but the heat between them is off the charts and shouldn’t even be possible since she’s a human and he’s a were-bear. This place, this man and his young sons and these people seem so right for her, but she isn’t clued into what their secret is. Will she accept what they are? Could she really have found what she was searching for?


Mmmm…were-bears. I love them. They may be my favorite shifter though I’m not sure exactly why. Anyway, this is a decently written paranormal story with a little suspense thrown in, some humor and a whole lot of heat. I love Riley’s confusion about how much everyone in the county seems to love honey and honey products. lol Everyone’s bear-related names are fun and the steaminess is wowzers. There are a few editing issues, but nothing major. This was quite an enjoyable read for me. I will definitely look up more of this new-to-me author’s work