Shadows Strike (Immortal Guardians) - Dianne Duvall

*Book source ~ NetGalley


Heather Lane is a telepath, but how does she keep her telepathy a secret and still help people in need? By passing herself off as a FACS specialist to the government agencies who hire her. In other words, they think she can read micro facial expressions to tell if someone is telling the truth or lying. While she’s always known she’s a telepath, she’s never been a precog until recently. The same dream over and over, every night for a year, has haunted her. Seven vampires and someone else, a handsome, sexy, skilled man who is similar to the vampires and yet not, fight in her dream. When her dream finally comes true, she freaks out a bit, but accepts that there are things out there that aren’t fiction and now she’s smack in the middle of a war she never could have dreamed of.  Can Ethan and the Immortal Guardians keep her safe from the enemy and prevent World War III and the Armageddon from becoming reality?


There are only a few series out there where I will wring my hands and dance anxiously in place until I can get my greedy little mitts on the next book. This is one of them. I knew when I picked this up I would not be able to stop until I had read it in one sitting. Oh, how I’ve missed the Immortal Guardians! Full of awesome characters, snappy dialogue, exciting action, steamy sex, sneaky shudder-worthy villains and delightful humor, I can never get enough of their world. Bonus that it’s set in North Carolina where I live. This is Ethan’s book and while he’s a fairly new character to the world I had no problem falling for him. Heather is a kickass woman who’s just right for him. And it looks like Chris is finally going to get his woman! Yay! I really, really want Aidan to find his mate. Poor guy! I look forward to Seth finding someone, but I don’t think he’s quite ready for that yet. Hopefully soon. And the surprise at the end? Woah. I have nothing further to say. If you haven’t read this series yet then wtf are you waiting for?! I drool in every review of these books, so you have no excuse. Get crackin’!