The Book of Myths & Misconceptions: The Truth Is Finally Revealed - Emily Dwass, Katherine Don, West Side Publishing, J.K. Kelley, Lawrence Robinson, Susan McGowan, Jeff Bahr, James Duplacey, Tom DeMichael, Ken Sheldon, Bill Martin

*Book source ~ Home library


Various authors have contributed to this book with an eye to setting the record straight about certain myths, old wives tales, misattributed quotes, urban legends and certain so-called “facts” that everyone seems to repeat simply because so-and-so said it, so it must be true.


I don’t read non-fiction very often, but when I do I love stuff like this. And I will freely admit that for months this was my bathroom reader. It has short entries so it’s good for a quick pit stop or if you had hot wings and beer or Taco Bell then there’s plenty to keep you occupied for those long sessions. Some of the facts were things I already knew, but most were ones I didn’t. I felt smarter every time I left the bathroom. Wait…that sounded better in my head, but what the hell. This book is chockfull of interesting info and I enjoyed it.