Spike: After the Fall - Franco Urru, Brian Lynch

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Follows Spike and Illyria after the series finale of Angel where they battled Wolfram & Harts demon army in the alley behind the Hyperion and then W&H sent Los Angeles into a Hell dimension. Not sure of the timeline, but it’s not immediately after. It seems a bit of time has passed.


I love Spike. Seriously. He’s my favorite character next to Buffy. I also was quite liking Illyria, but she didn’t get a whole lot of screen time before the show ended, so I like seeing how she’s handling being in a Hell dimension. Not very well, it seems. She keeps switching between Fred and Illyria and that can get dicey considering she’s vulnerable when she’s Fred. I’m wondering why she’s just now having such problems, but it’s great that Spike’s there to help her. I’m not liking Gunn at all, but then I was never really a fan of him in the show either. I am liking Connor better than I did. The villain of this piece is interesting and very hateworthy. I enjoy the artwork very much.

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