Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 8 Volume 8: Last Gleaming - 'Joss Whedon',  'Jane Espenson',  'Scott Allie'

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Last Gleaming ~ Buffy and Angel have created a shitstorm on Earth and now they have to help clean it up.


Ok, I just don’t get this whole seed of wonder thing or the creation of a new universe and again with the hell dimensions. Gah! I’m totally lost and once again I’ve read this twice. And when the hell did Spike get a ship? A ship manned by giant bugs no less. I guess I missed some shit by not reading the Angel or Spike graphic novels. That ending? Yeah, not getting it and that death? Why?! So not happy with this season finale because I’m completely confused and lost. Best part? Spike! Spike, Spike, Spike. :)


Commitment through Distance, Virtue through Sin ~ Riley’s story about joining Twilight.


Eh, it’s a Riley and his wife Sam story, essentially telling how Riley ended up working with Twilight AKA Angel. I still don’t understand how the whole storyline came about, but it was nice to see Whistler.

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