Beaches and Cream - Kojo Black

*Book source ~ A review copy was provided in exchange for an honest review.


Cool breezes, warm sea, hot sun and sultry sex, what more could a young woman want on her eye-opening holiday with friends?


Amanda’s friend Tia and her mom Veronica have always invited her to join them on their holiday by the beach, but Amanda always had a reason for not going. Most times the reasons were legitimate, but as she became an adult, it was her mom’s dislike of Tia and Veronica that stopped her. But this time, Amanda decided to make a stand. No amount of guilt would stop her from going. She knew she would have fun in the sun, but she had no idea she would come back a changed woman.


Beautifully written this story coaxes, tantalizes and seduces from the beginning. Veronica is a gorgeous MILF and she has her eye on Amanda. She expertly teases and tests Amanda’s limits without being pushy. Amanda is shocked and slightly embarrassed and yet she is also titillated. As Veronica takes Amanda further and further her sexual evolution is delicious to watch. Kojo Black paints a picture so prettily with words that it takes no effort at all to fall into the world he has created. Sweet pussy heaven, what a world it is! *fans self*