Eighth Grave After Dark  - Darynda Jones

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Charley Davidson is the reaper, but she prefers to ignore the grim part. With 12 hellhounds on her tail she and her hunky husband, Reyes, aka son of Satan, take refuge in a convent while Charley incubates the spawn of their union. Um, I mean, their daughter, temporarily named Beep who, according to prophecy, is destined to destroy Lucifer, her grandfather. But Lucifer isn’t sitting around waiting for his doom at dainty hands. He has plan after contingency plan at the ready and with centuries to plot he’s confident he’ll prevail. But Charley is unpredictable. And not technically human. So who will win?


Oh.Em.Gee!! Twistier and twistier does this tail become the further it goes. What the hell?! Just when I think I have a handle on the plot it veers off into left field. Or right field. Or straight over the fence and out of the damn park! Full of the trademark humor, mystery and snappy dialogue typical of this series, this book continues to vastly entertain. I knew once I cracked it open I wouldn’t be able to stop until I finished the last page. And I was right. Except for a few essential events that required me to put it down (driving, for one) I read it straight through to the end. And what an end it is! I’ll say again…what the hell?! When is the next book due out?! Because, damn!

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