In the Forests of the Night - Vanessa De Sade

*Book source ~ A review copy was provided in exchange for an honest review.


I found my interests all over the place in this very naughty collection of fairy tale retellings. While the writing is superb, there are only two stories that really float my boat and one that comes close. I love most of the illustrations, but some of the guys are a bit hairy for my tastes and there’s one illustration in Handsome and Gertrude that is…just…*shudders*.


Rapunzel ~ This is quite creative, but that ending? Poor Edward Edwards. And who names their kid that anyway? lol {5 bites}


Cinderella Story ~ Hate reality tv, but I love Amanda and Georgie. {4 bites}


In the Forests of the Night ~ Ah, this is my favorite of the bunch. {5 bites}


Handsome and Gertrude ~ I didn’t really understand this one and I couldn’t get into the story. {2 bites}


Beauty and Her Beast ~ I’m not a fan of poetry, so this is a no go for me even if it is naughty. {1 bite)


Bluebeard’s Tower ~ I have to admit that I’ve never read Bluebeard, so I ended up tracking it down after I read this. Even with no knowledge of the folktale, this is still a pleasurable read. {3 bites}


Thumbelina ~ Another one I wasn’t familiar with. I really need to brush up on my fairy tales. A little confusing (probably because I hadn’t read the original), but still enjoyable. {3 bites}