Werewolves With Chocolate - Shauna Aura Knight

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Jake, Kyle and Ellie are making their unusual relationship work. With Valentine’s Day rolling around, Jake and Kyle want to show Ellie how much they love and appreciate her, so they plan a treat-filled evening for the three of them. But you know what they say about best laid plans, right?


I enjoyed meeting Jake, Kyle and Ellie in book 1, Werewolves in the Kitchen and this story continues with their relationship. Ellie is working a lot of hours and Jake and Kyle want to do something special for and with her for Valentine’s Day. But just as they get started with the nommy celebrations, an injured werewolf shows up needing aid. Pack business has to come before, well, cumming, so they take the injured guy to their pack. In the process they find out something nefarious is going on and then Ellie gets caught up in pack politics. She’s human, but she’s mated to two werewolves and the situation is strained. To put it mildly.


I enjoyed the continuation of their story and the inclusion of the pack and the problems they have to deal with. I love these characters and I’m looking forward to reading more about their life in and out of the pack as they try to build a life together.

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