Lords, Ladies, Butlers and Maids - Donna George Storey, Alegra Verde, Rose de Fer, Morwenna Drake, Ludivine Bonneur, Kathleen Tudor, Mina Murray, Flora Dain, Heather Towne

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Historical romances are typically depicted as being prim and proper with little in the way of steaminess. Well, they used to be. Nowadays they can be quite steamy. They also rarely tell the tales of those who keep things running smoothly for the rich and privileged. This anthology is the exact opposite with nine steamy tales of things that could possibly have happened behind the scenes of any manor house.


Lips Like Heaven by Donna George Storey ~ Naughty naughty. And nom! One of my favorites.


The Engagement Party by Alegra Verde ~ Eh. Some would call this a spanking good time, but I’m not too impressed with this one.


Hitting the Right Notes by Rose de Fer ~ A nice twist to this one. A favorite.


Wanton Wagers by Morwenna Drake ~ It’s ok.


The Kiss by Ludivine Bonneur ~ Least favorite.


The Lady and the Maid by Kathleen Tudor ~ Another favorite.


The Architect by Mina Murray ~ Meh.


Peekaboo Lace by Flora Dain ~ Oooh…love the twist ending.


Christmas Carol by Heather Towne ~ Another meh.




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