Into a Million Pieces - Angela V. Cook

*Book source ~ A review copy was provided in exchange for an honest review.


17-yr-old twins Allison and Jade McKready were born with a curse. They are each a succubus, but they approach the problem in very different ways. Allison shuns attention and Jade courts it. Jade says that she can stay in control, but they both know that their mother killed herself because she fell off the wagon she got on after she killed her husband on their wedding night. Jade doesn’t think it’s wrong to take a few kisses here and there, but Allison knows it’s only a matter of time before guys start to put together that they’re sick for a few days after being with Jade and start coming to bad conclusions. When Jade’s social life implodes and tragedy strikes, Allison’s life is turned upside down and she’s left with more questions than answers. Allison turns to her friend Ren Fisher for comfort and suddenly she understands more about Jade and their curse than she ever did. Allison has hard choices to make, but will they be the right ones?


This is an interesting take on the succubus life. The few books I’ve read with a succubus in them have been about adults. This is told from a YA perspective and how Allison doesn’t want to end up like the women of her line, but she also yearns for love. How to have love and not kill your lover? What a dilemma! How Jade and Allison go about dealing with their curse in very different ways is thought-provoking and the writing is very good. There is a tendency to have a bit too much mundaneness in the plot and not as much action, so it tends to drag a bit in spots.  Other than that, this is a very well-written YA coming-to-terms tale seasoned with paranormal and sprinkled with romance.