Cold Days (The Dresden Files, #14) - Jim Butcher, James Marsters

Warning! While I give no spoilers about this particular book, beware huge spoilers ahead if you have not read the books previous to this one. This is your only warning.





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Harry Dresden is a wizard and Warden of the White Council, a private investigator, defender of the underdog, Winter Knight to Mab, Queen of Air and Darkness and, oh yeah, newly returned from the spirit world. Could his life get any more complicated? Don’t ask that.


Guest Reviewers


A ~ My 17-yr-old daughter

T ~ My 15-yr-old son

K ~ My 14-yr-old son


After the ending of Changes where Harry is shot and then Ghost Story where Harry is a ghost the relief we all felt that Harry was indeed back in the land of the living was massive. Harry’s return is not without trials and tribulations though. He is, after all, the Winter Knight to Mab. And he tried to wiggle his way out of his deal with her by dying. Is she happy with him? What do you think?


These books are getting harder and harder to review without giving away anything. I will say that we still love Harry and the inhabitants of his world. The plot, the humor, the fast pace are all spot on. The world that Harry is in now is getting darker and more violent and the story reflects that. The Harry of now has grown so much from the Harry of Storm Front, a gradual progression that is wonderful to witness. We very much look forward to continuing with Harry on his journey.


Narration: James Marsters once again delights. We can’t express how much we enjoy his narration of the world of Harry Dresden.


Favorite quotes:


About thirty feet from the door, Molly abruptly stopped in her tracks and said, "Harry."

I paused and looked back at her.

Her eyes were wide. She said, "I sense..."

I narrowed my eyes. "Say it. You know you want to say it."

"It is 
not a disturbance in the Force,” she said, her voice half-exasperated.



“Thwart," I said. "To prevent someone from accomplishing something by means of visiting gratuitous violence upon his smarmy person."

"I'm pretty sure that isn't the definition." Sarissa said.

"It is today.”