My son has been watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer, one episode on each school morning and I've caught bits and pieces of it. Not nearly enough to know what the hell is going on half the time and yet as he's started Season 6 and I know that Buffy & Spike are going to be doing the Wicked Dance very soon (gotta love trivia on IMDB), I'm totally obsessed with their relationship. How have they come to this point? And where will it go? I desperately want to watch from the beginning now even though I know the beginning will be so ugh for me since the show is nearly 20 yrs old AND it starts out with Buffy in high school. *groan*


Ok, I've had mild obsessions in my life. Thor, Ironman, Dean Winchester, Castiel & Meg, Seely Booth, plus a few others. But I've never been so obsessed with a couple in a show that I've never even watched! This video has me spellbound. It's hotter than any porn I've ever seen and I've watched plenty. I've watched it over and over again and trolled YouTube for more stuff about them. I need an intervention. Send help. While I'm waiting, I'll just watch it again. :D