Generation X: The Rising - Desiree DeOrto, Anna Gorman Coy

*Book source ~ A review copy was provided in exchange for an honest review.


The Elder Race are aliens and they’ve been waiting hundreds of years to take over Earth. There are no females, so they’ve been mating with human women and now they’ve Risen, come to claim the half-breeds. Elizabeth is the only female half-breed and that makes her special. Not the kind of special she ever hoped to be. Now, she needs to embrace her power to save those she loves before her own government turns her into a monster she despises or The Elders claim her as their very own special weapon.


This started out with a great premise. Half-breed humans with special powers just like the X-men universe except evolution wasn’t the springboard for those powers. It was aliens. And they’ve been hidden for a long time. But no longer! They want what they’ve been cultivating, but so does the government. Eep! Rock meet hard place especially for Elizabeth because she’s the only female born as a half-breed. That’s about it for the cool factor though. The characters are shallow and Elizabeth is spineless. She spends more than half her time crying, whining, pouting and catatonic. Blerg. Her friends are asshats. Zane is a mystery, but nothing is revealed about him or why he’s so attached to Elizabeth. In addition, the whole plot seems shaky and the writing is mediocre. Maybe it picks up in book 2, but I’m not interested enough to keep going.