The Anatomy of Desire - Ayana Prende

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Katherine Forrester has been married for eight months, but has yet to share her husband’s bed. At first he was kind, gentle and understanding of her marriage bed fears, but lately his temper has been escalating and she knows he is tupping one of the maids. She knows she should be upset, but secretly she’s relieved he’s finding sexual attention elsewhere. Sent to Doctor David Hershaw to treat her for female hysteria she dreads the treatments and also despairs that she’ll ever be able to have sex and produce the required heir. Her situation seems hopeless, but Dr. Hershaw is kind and believes he can help her. While doubtful, she decides she has no choice but to submit to his treatment.


I picked up this book because I thought it would be a bit of historical erotica. While it does have many sexy bits to it, the story is so much more. It’s about Katherine and why she is the way she is, her husband and his downward spiral and the Doctor who specializes in treating women. I came to think of Hershaw as one of the forerunners of gynecology as well as being part psychiatrist. There’s some mystery and suspense as well as romance and steamy bits. I was hooked from the beginning and couldn’t read fast enough to see how it all played out. All-in-all an intriguing historical love story.