Romance Novel - P.J. Jones

*Book source ~ A review copy was provided in exchange for an honest review.


Smella Rosepetal’s baby needs an expensive heart transplant, so Smella heads to Pitchforks, Texas where her father lives in the hopes of roping a millionaire husband. She meets up with her childhood friend Snake Long and meets the weird yet rich Deadward Forest. Deadward has money and Snake doesn’t so guess who Smella falls in love with? While trying to get Deadward to come up to scratch Smella has to deal with a serial killer, vampires, Flabio and other weird inhabitants of Pitchforks. Will she get the money in time? Will she get whacked by a serial killer? Will Deadward’s Smart Car fail an emissions test? Stay tuned!


I really don’t read enough parodies. I know I’m going against the majority, but I hate the Twilight series. So when an opportunity to review a Twilight parody came along I was more than happy to read it. It’s ridiculous and thus highly amusing. I think a person has to have the right sense of humor to appreciate a good parody. This one produces a bit too much eye rolling from me, but it’s still funny and Smella is such a twat. Funny how she and Bella are so similar and yet Smella seems like she has more gumption. If you want a couple hours of entertainment and don’t mind a book poking a very large pointy stick at Twilight then be sure to pick this one up.