WereSlave -

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Nyla is the Queen of Paqualette and she is expected to dedicate her life to the realm.  No husband or human lover means a very lonely existence for her. Until her guard catch a pack of werewolves on her lands. She is allowed a Were as her sex slave, so she goes to the dungeons to inspect the pack and see if one would suit her needs. There she finds Mace. Even under the filth he is something to behold. But is he more than she can handle?


An interesting mix of fantasy and paranormal seasoned with erotica this is one delicious story. I wasn’t very impressed with Nyla at first and I think she’s the weakest character in the story, but she kinda grew on me. The rest of the characters are great though and while the story isn't long enough to really have a chance to develop there is enough here to sink my teeth into.  Oh, and mustn’t forget the steamy bits. Very nom! Especially the ménage. I was skeptical of that scene because of how very Alpha Mace is, but it was well done. I would love to know more about this world and the people who inhabit it, but in the meantime I’ll replay some of those scenes in my head and smile a naughty smile.

Source: http://imavoraciousreader.blogspot.com/2015/02/two-for-tuesday.html