They Call Me Crazy - Kelly Stone Gamble

*Book source ~ A review copy was provided in exchange for an honest review.


Cass Adams gets arrested for the murder of her husband Roland. She was caught at night, covered in mud, trying to dump her husband in the river. Seems like a cut-and-dried case. But is it?


“There is nothing easy about burying your husband.” This sounds like a simple enough opening sentence. Making the arrangements, taking care of paperwork and saying goodbye. Burying a loved one isn’t easy. But that is not what Cass is talking about here. At all. She is literally burying her husband. With a shovel. In the back yard. The further I read the more I was compelled to read. What the hell happened to Cass to bring her to this point? Not only is Roland dead and she buried him in the yard, but she’s happy about it. I needed to know more! And the more I learned the deeper I became involved in Cass’s story. The writing is top notch and the characters bring out a variety of emotions as they dance across the page. Intriguing secrets are slowly revealed and the case against Cass comes together. Ah, small town living. Gotta love it. The mystery pulled me in and kept me firmly in the reading seat while the characters satisfied a range of emotions and a bit of paranormal eased my need for the supernatural. All-in-all a gripping tale from the intriguing start to the surprising jolt at the finish.