Over Our Dead Bodies:: Undertakers Lift the Lid - Ken McKenzie, Todd Harra

*Book source ~ A review copy was provided in exchange for an honest review.


Not one to read non-fiction very often a book in this genre has to catch my interest. Needless to say, a book about undertakers and purporting to be humorous did just that. When I first saw the title I thought it would be a mystery. However, when I read the blurb and saw what it was really about, I knew I just had to read it. I’m so glad I did. I knew very little about the world of funeral directors and such, but this book is loaded with info about the business as well as mostly humorous stories about things that can go wrong or even go right. There are also some more poignant stories but for the most part this book had me smiling, snorting, giggling and outright laughing at various points.


I’ve attempted to pick a favorite and it’s hard to do. Though I will say Chapter 8: Cremation and the Goat made me cringe, but not for reasons you may think, Chapter 13: Epitaph has had me thinking for days now and Chapter 17: Ouija gave me goosebumps.


I recommend this for anyone with a curious mind and a sense of humor.

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