Linger - Lauren Jameson

*Book source ~ Local library


Scarlett Malone has earned her degree as a veterinarian and she’s leaving her beloved Las Vegas for a year-long internship in the boonies of Montana. It’ll be worth it though when she can come back and open her vet hospital. Before she leaves though she needs to spend one night at the local BDSM club to get her kink on. When she meets a sub who heats her blood she regrets that she’ll be leaving town and won’t be able to explore their attraction. Imagine her surprise when she reaches Montana and finds out her mentor, Dr. Logan Brody, is the very man she dominated at the club. Awkward. But not for long, as they explore a relationship neither expected, or in Logan’s case, feels he deserves.


Can I just say, nom nom nom and leave it at that? No? Well, shit. Ok, I love this book. It’s not perfect, but it’s pretty close. It’s not very often I find a book about a Domme/Mistress that isn’t completely hokey or it turns out she secretly wants to submit (gah!) or she is a bitch strutting around on stilettos. Scarlett is likeable which is a plus. Logan is a bit too bratty for me, but he has issues, so I let it slide. I love a big brawny guy who submits. It’s such a turn on, but what else is great about this book is the emotional turmoil and how Scarlett doesn’t give up on Logan. It’s put a little bit too simplistically and the time it takes for her to break down his walls is ridiculously short compared to how long he’s been carrying the burden, but I still enjoyed it immensely. This new-to-me author has me hooked. Can she provide more along these lines? I’ll have to see.