The Actuator 1.5: Borderlands Anthology - James Wymore, Sara Wolf, Matthew S. Cox, Dan Willis, Nathan Yocum, Mara Valderran, Patrick Burdine, Whitney Trang, James Pratt, Craig Nybo, Jason Purdy, Jenny Persson, Jay Wilburn, Juhi, Jason A. Anderson, Wilbert Stanton

*Book source ~ A review copy was provided in exchange for an honest review.


In Fractured Earth, the Actuator split the world into different realities. A few people are trying to get the Keys that the Machine Monks created when they activated the Actuator. They need the Keys in order to restore the world to the original reality. The task seems insurmountable, but they have to try.


Borderlands gives a peek at some of the other realities and the people who inhabit them. 16 short stories tell of what’s going on in various parts of the world since the accident that changed everything.



Remembering Emily by Sara Wolf ~ Love really is a powerful emotion.


Stolen Orchid by Matthew Cox ~ Very Sci-Fi.


The Blackbird’s Tale by Dan Willis ~ Not a big fan of noir, but this is pretty good.


The Dream Journal by Nathan Yocum ~ I couldn’t make sense of this one.


The Austenation by Mara Valderran ~ A mixing of the literary world. Not bad.


Escape by Patrick Burdine ~ Creepy and…creepy. But good.


The Ritual by Whitney Trang ~ Another horror realm.


The Gatekeepers of Change by James Pratt ~ This reminds me of the show Supernatural and one of my favorite guest stars. I’m not saying who though.


The Ringer by Craig Nybo ~ I like detective stories especially when mixed with paranormal. Clever.


Anna and Lena by Jason Purdy ~ Wow. This is grim. And sad.


Once Upon a Frozen North by Jason Persson ~ Who doesn’t like Vikings?


Halfway by Jay Wilburn ~ Eeeep! Horror fans need to read this one.


The Search for Punarnav by Juhi ~ Hindu mythology made real. I love mythology but having it real is a bit too scary an image for me.


15 Seconds of Fame by Jason A. Anderson ~ Another detective story. I mentioned I like those, right?


Forever Young by Wilbert Stanton ~ Interesting concept.


Cult of the Actuation by James Wymore ~ Ah! The aftermath of book 1 with Red and Dragon Star. Likey likey!