Molly S. Daniels is a Marine Veteran, Military Spouse and Super Mom to both human and fur covered children. In addition to these important duties she is a Reviewer for InD’tale Magazine and is a Freelance Editor. An aspiring writer who actually enjoys cooking (who are you, you weirdo? lol) Molly has a great sense of humor, a love of all things naughty and an amazing tolerance which she needs in abundance when dealing with me. :D


Molly has generously agreed, once again, to sit in the Big Chair (mine) while I read and get some reviews queued up for you lovely followers to read. And I really *am* reading and writing reviews. I am not sneaking in any Diablo III on the Xbox or piddle farting around on the internet. Well, not a lot anyway. *coughcough* So, please enjoy another stellar review by Molly. :)