Godzilla: Cataclysm - Dave Wachter, Cullen Bunn

*Book source ~ A review copy was provided by NetGalley & IDW in exchange for an honest review.


It’s been years since monsters destroyed Earth. There are pockets of human survivors who scavenge for supplies and try to stay alive. Hiroshi is one of the few left who remembers the time before. Many call them gods, but Hiroshi knows they are just monsters and one day they will be back.


This Godzilla tale is a bit weak. It follows Hiroshi and his grandson as well as a few others as they scramble to find a safe place when the monsters come back. Hiroshi’s story is slowly revealed and how he is connected to the monsters, Godzilla in particular. I’m not a huge fan of Godzilla, but my son is and I enjoyed the newest movie incarnation, so I thought this might be a good read. I can’t say I was all that excited about it. Although I did enjoy seeing all the various monsters shown in this book.


The artwork is very detailed and beautifully drawn. However, it was a bit too dismal and dreary for me with the few bright colors given to the monster fighting. Yes, I know this is a post-apocalyptic story and I will say the colors are perfect for it. However, I have to judge on what I like and it wasn’t my mug o’tea. Fans of Godzilla will most likely enjoy it though.

Source: http://imavoraciousreader.blogspot.com/2015/01/2-graphic-novels.html