Star Trek Volume 9: The Q Gambit - Mike Johnson, Tony Shasteen

*Book source ~ A review copy was provided by NetGalley & IDW in exchange or an honest review.


It’s Q. No other summary is needed.


Q is back and, boy, have I missed him! I’d have to say that he is my favorite guest alien in Star Trek: The Next Generation. If he were a real boy, I believe he would drive me insane. But since he’s not (I think) I can sit back and enjoy his antics. This time he’s fucking with the original crew of the Enterprise. Well, I guess I should differentiate the ‘new’ original crew. You know, in the alternate timeline created by the 2009 movie.


Anyway, Q swings by to chat with Picard, before toddling off to screw with the oldtimers. As it turns out, he’s not just messing around for the fun of it. Say it ain’t so! In the alternate timeline, there’s a whole lot at stake. He just doesn’t say anything until nearly the end. I loved the whole story even the parts that made me sad. And that ending…I do love me some Picard.


The artwork is gorgeous. The colors, the lines, everything. I love it. If you’re a fan of Star Trek, graphic novels and, most especially, Q then this is one that shouldn’t be missed.