The Wolf Who Stole Christmas (Xmas Tales - Legendary Lovers) - Vanessa Jaye

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Santa’s daughter Holly has a lovesick Jack Frost after her, but she has eyes only for the werewolf engineer, Furio. Unfortunately, Furio hasn’t made a single move toward her. In fact, in the two years since she’s known him, she hasn’t been able to get him to talk about himself at all. When Santa invites Jack to dinner and tells Holly to be nice to him, so that they have snow for Christmas, Holly resigns herself to a grabby hands meal. She had no idea the results that dinner would have.


This is such a short read that there’s not much time to do any building of world or characters. It is an interesting little look into Santa’s world though. Jack Frost is a prick, Furio is surly and Holly seems a bit one-track, but there’s enough here for an enjoyable read in bite-size form. The idea of Elementals intrigues me and I would love to see this world expanded.