Death Becomes Her - Jaimey Grant

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Melly Miller and her six sisters are resurrectionists. Taking over the family business when their father died they provide bodies to Doctor Billings and his small anatomy school. When Melly delivers five bodies to Doc’s place one night she’s surprised to be met by Dr. David Melbourne. David has taken over Doc’s school and has no knowledge of the agreement between Melly and Doc. However, after some back and forth he agrees to the same terms and Melly’s income is safe. But life as a resurrectionist is dangerous. Will she live long enough to explore the attraction between herself and the good Doctor?


I read the first two installments in InD’tale Magazine and was hooked. However, I don’t have a lot of patience especially when it comes to serials, so I made the decision to wait until all the installments were out then I would pull up the issues and read them all in a row. I jiggled in my seat with joy when I found out Ms. Grant was going to publish the serial in a book and toss in a new short story to go with it. Can you say Woot!? So I waited most patiently (for me anyway) and then snapped it up as soon as it came out.


I have to admit that I have never read a story about body snatchers. Grave robbers. Resurrectionists. Especially done in a gothic historical setting. It was definitely different and intriguing. This short story is packed to the brim with wonderful characters, an interesting and enlightening look at the “seamier” side of 1800s London and a fledgling romance trying to take flight. An added bonus is the short story at the end. Twists and turns, joy and heartache, I experienced all the feelz and highly recommend it.