Greetings of the Season and Other Stories - Barbara Metzger

*Book source ~ A review copy was provided in exchange for an honest review.


This Christmas-themed anthology contains 5 short stories by one of my favorite historical romance authors, Barbara Metzger. If you like sweet historical romance with more than a dash of humor and set at Christmas then this is the collection for you.


Greetings of the Season ~ Have you ever sent the wrong text or email to someone? Well, in this one the cards Bevin writes to go with his presents get mixed up by his secretary (on purpose) and the result is quite funny.


The Proof is in the Pudding ~ Who knew Christmas pudding would cause such a stir? I thought it would be the other way around. Hehe And after the story is a recipe for making Christmas Pudding. Yay!


Three Good Deeds ~ Three rambunctious boys are set on a certain path by the vicar. Yeah, this is either going to be a disaster or hilarious. Maybe both.


Christmas Wish List~ A fairly large cast and each POV starts off a bit different than anything I’ve ever seen. It reminded me a lot of that M.A.S.H. episode where Hawkeye was trying to get new boots. I quite enjoyed this one.


Little Miracles ~ Told from Reverend Evan Merriweather’s POV and from that of the church mice, this tale has a touch of fantasy to it.