Seventh Grave and No Body - Darynda Jones

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Things are getting hairy. Not No-shav-ember hairy, but dangerous hairy. Charley Davidson, Private Investigator, consultant to the APD, fiancée to the son of Satan and grim reaper extraordinaire is having a bad week. But that’s nothing new for Charley. She’s used to things going to Hell in a hand basket around her, but that’s never stopped her from solving cases for clients, the police and the FBI. However, she’s never had the Twelve after her before. Talk about putting a crimp in her style. There’s a lot at stake, but nothing and no one stops Charley from helping people.


Ohmygawd! I love this series so much! Each and every book is a delight with everything I love in a book: paranormal, steaminess, humor, mystery, intrigue, steaminess, excellent characters, terrific world and steaminess. I will say that Charley does frustrate me at times when it seems as if she’s being too stupid to live. However, it has finally dawned on me (it only took 7 books) that Charley is smarter than people give her credit, myself included. She doesn’t secretly have a death wish even it seems so at times and while she doesn’t always think things all the way through, she can think quickly and on the fly. Plus, she’s coming more and more into her powers and getting closer to figuring out what everything means. It helps that there’s more info about what the prophecy means. Man, Darynda Jones is so stingy with this information. I must have this information!


Crimes are solved, people get hurt, people die, dead people show up, power gets thrown around, The Dealer is around a lot, the Twelve are badass, the mystery of Mr. Wong still hasn’t been answered, but Garrett’s paternity issue gets settled. So much goodness, so many feels! Wow! Now, the wait for book 8 begins. *taps foot impatiently*