Catch Me When I Fall - Vicki  Leigh

*Book source ~ A review copy was provided in exchange for an honest review.


Protectors of the Night work while humans sleep. Dreamcatchers defend against Nightmares which are physical beings from the other side of the veil who feed off fear and other dark emotions and Dreamweavers create and project good dreams for the humans once they fall asleep. Daniel Graham was 17 when he died and took up the mantle of Protector. For over 200 years he’s kept the Nightmares at bay and with his current charge dying a natural death at an old age he’s ready for his break. Except he doesn’t get one. He’s immediately assigned to Kayla Bartlett, a 16-yr-old who is currently in a psychiatric facility and whose Dreamcatcher team was attacked. Daniel discovers that there’s something different about Kayla and he needs to figure out the who, what and why before she is harmed or his team is killed by the Nightmares.


This is quite a different take on fantasy and one I haven’t seen before. I like the idea of the Dreamcatchers though the Nightmares sound pretty icky. I found the world interesting and well-developed and the characters are ones I felt I could hang out with. I didn’t quite buy into the insta-love between Daniel and Kayla though and while I expected Kayla to make some “dumb” teenager mistakes I was less forgiving of Daniel. Yes, he was 17 when he died, but he’s been around 200 years. Not just around, but fighting monsters. He is not a kid and shouldn’t be making dumb mistakes and behaving in the typical teenage fashion characteristic of that age group. However, the plot is a good one with plenty of action and I enjoyed watching it play out. A battle has been won, but the war is not over. I’m curious to see where this series goes next.