Enscrolled (The Division Chronicles: Book Three) - Connie L. Smith

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The Essenced have weathered their second battle, but not everyone is hunky dory. Several soldiers have been poisoned by demons and if a cure can’t be found they will die. It’s a race against time in more ways than one as Tobias searches for a cure, Broderick and the soldiers search for the Tomes and Nicholai discovers magic is disappearing from the world faster than anticipated. It’ll take a miracle to pull this win off, but hey, they are angels after all.


This book picks up after the end of book 2. They won the battle, but there are casualties and now they really need to hurry to find a cure for the demon poison. In addition, they are still searching for the Tomes. And magic is slowly disappearing. Desperate measures are taken, but will they be enough? The Division needs to be closed. Permanently. Or that’s all she wrote for humankind. The tension builds, but the tale is slowed considerably by the Johnny/McKenna storyline. After awhile I got tired of reading about them. It was all the same stuff over and over as they mooned over each other. Boring.


If that’s not bad enough, the Alphas go on an important mission to kill some demons and they totally act like morons. I know they are teens, but they’ve fought in two battles already and they should have been more professional. Instead it was frustrating to sit there while they bickered amongst themselves and gawked at their surroundings instead of doing what they were sent there to do. And the use of the word ‘smirk’ in its various forms was repetitive. I know teens smirk a lot, but I began to think that was their only expression.


Having got that off my chest, I enjoyed the multiple POVs, the unusual results of the desperate measures I mentioned earlier and the final battle. All-in-all a satisfactory conclusion to a great series.

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