Frogger Says - Konrad Hartmann

*Book source ~ A review copy was provided in exchange for an honest review.


Andy’s girlfriend Haley has a new roommate named Hannah. Hannah is…odd. She collects stuffed animals, dresses like a little girl, watches cartoons and sings. But Andy is about to find out those aren’t the oddest things about Hannah.


When I started this story I thought Hannah was just a Little (a woman who takes on the role of a little girl usually in Daddy Dominant/little girl age play), but it turns out there’s more going on than that. A touch of the paranormal is added to this erotica/horror story and poor Andy gets his whole life turned upside down. Decently written, I was ok with being a passenger going along for the ride. Until the end where I said, “Dafuq did I just read?” I’m still scratching my head a bit at the ending otherwise this is a good, fucked up, short tale worthy of making your eyes bug out.