Glad Rags - Konrad Hartmann

*Book source ~ A review copy was provided in exchange for an honest review.


Sheldon has a very particular kink. He wants, he needs, the perfect non-responsive partner. Justifying the kink in his head only prolongs the inevitable.


My usual philosophy is this: your kink may not be my kink and that’s ok. But Sheldon is off the fucking reservation as far as I’m concerned. Necrophilia is so not on my extended list of kinks I’m willing to read. I had a feeling I knew where this story was heading when I started reading it, but Konrad Hartmann stepped it up a couple thousand notches when he took the erotica and added a splash or two of horror. And then for the grand finale, that ending. *shudders* If you like a well-written merge of erotica and horror (yeah, it’s a small niche) then this is the one for you. I actually loved being witness to Sheldon’s thought processes. They were quite interesting. Loony tunes, but interesting.