Correlation - Mia Grace

*Book source ~ A review review copy was provided in exchange for an honest review.


Hailey Kent’s 16th birthday didn’t exactly go as planned. She had to postpone her official celebration because her older brother David was graduating from high school on the same day. She did get a special breakfast and the bike she coveted, but the rest of the day was all about David. She resented it until she was woken up in the middle of the night by her mother’s scream. An officer at the door said David had been severely injured in a car accident. Hailey’s resentment fades and just wishes David would wake from his coma. Spending time with her best friend Jenna and Jenna’s grandmother Susan Wells keeps Hailey sane during the weeks that follow. Until Hailey thinks she’s traveling back in time. Now, she really does believe she’s going insane. Time travel isn’t possible. Is it?


Wow. This book started off a bit slow as the foundation was laid, but once Susan’s story about Peter Wells was told to Jenna and Hailey the plot took off. The writing is excellent capturing Hailey’s life and feelings after David’s traumatic accident. What do you feel and how do you act when your best friend’s brother, the one you’ve been crushing on, is responsible for your brother’s injuries? Maybe even his life?


Jenna’s fascination with the old Wells house is what eventually sends Hailey into the past. Time travel is such a fun subject to weave into a story. It blows the mind and creates all sorts of possibilities. Hailey uses her trips to connect with Peter in the hope that she can change his destiny, but she never thought about what kinds of changes would happen if he actually believed her. One small change creates alternate ripples and what once was is no more. That’s the mind boggling part. I’m not sure if I’d want to change history if I could. There is just no way to know what kind of damage might be caused by trying to undo something bad and make it good. History is history for a reason. When Hailey meddles in the past it has repercussions she never even thought of and she’s lucky they weren’t too bad. If you want a wonderful YA contemporary with a little bit of romance and some time travel thrown in I recommend this one. It’ll leave you with a smile.