God's Play - H.D. Lynn

*Book source ~ A review copy was provided in exchange for an honest review.


Sixteen-yr-old Toby comes from a long line of hunters. However, Toby is different from all the other hunters in his family and elsewhere. With a touch he can lift the Veil the monsters use to hide from humans and reveals their true face. His mother doesn’t want him to tell people about his ability. Instead she trains him as a regular hunter with a preference for knives over guns. When a hunting mission goes wrong and Toby is the only one alive, pulled out of the warehouse by a monster named William, he has a choice to make. Kill the monster who rescued him or join forces with William to kill the monster who killed his hunting party. He has no idea his choice is going to have far reaching consequences and the plot behind the ambush is much bigger than anyone suspected.


This is a creative story blending paranormal, fantasy and mythology together into an interesting albeit simplistic plot. The writing is pretty good though I could have done without what I consider to be purply esoteric prose that has to do with inner perceptions. I’m not sure what else to call it. It’s like the characters are on drugs and trying to explain what they’re seeing/feeling/etc. It’s just not my thing. Also, the author jumps back and forth from past and present without any clear breaks and I was confused a lot. Granted, it doesn’t take much to confuse me, but this was a bit much even for me. I love the characters though, even the asshats. They seem very real, so I was a tad upset there at the end, but not unduly so. Definitely a different type of story than I usually see. All-in-all a tale that’s worth a read especially if you like mythology.

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